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Establishing Paternity in Novi, Northville, Farmington Hills, Novi, Milford,Brighton, and Howell

Nowadays there are many more children born outside of marriage than in the past.  I receive many phone calls regarding paternity issues. Many of the calls center on the establishment of paternity and the rights of the parties after the child is born. There is nothing that can be done until after the child is born  to establish [...]

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Grandparent Custody in Novi, Northville, Plymouth, MIlford,Brighton, and Howell

Nowadays more and more grandparents are raising the grandchildren which brings up the issue of a grand parent obtaining custody of a child.  Take for example, a grandmother who has been raising her grandchildren for the past few years due to the parent’s use of drugs and alcohol and unstable life.  The grandmother acts as [...]

People v. Koon, Medical Marijuana, Motor Vehicle Operation , Michigan Court of Appeals, March6th 2012, DAN BAIN, NOVI MI LAWYER, MEDICAL MARIJUANA NEWS

    On May 21, 2010 Rodney Koon was charged with driving under the influence of a drug (OUID).  After being pulled over for speeding, Koon admitted to smoking marihuana earlier in the day.  A blood test revealed that Koon had active THC in his system.  At trial, the judge required the Grand Traverse County [...]

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As reported by Tom Greenwood in the Detroit News Michigan State Police  and Local law enforcement agencies have received federal funding  for Alcohol enforcement this weekend. What this means is that State and local police agencies such as The NOVI , FARMNGTON, FARMINGTON HILLS, WALLED LAKE , MILFORD , SOUTH LYON police departments as well [...]

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Dan Bain Novi Mi, Owi/ Dui Lawyer and Super Drunk law in the 52-1 and 47th District Courts

On October 31, 2010 Michigan's drunk driving ,OWI, DUI,   laws were amended and  enhanced to include a new charge and increased penalties for persons charge with drunk driving, DUI, OWI whose blood alcohol content (BAC) is .17 or greater. This law is known as SUPER DRUNK DRIVING !  The proposed rational behind this law was [...]

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Dan Bain , Novi lawyer, Dealing with The Michigan Dept Of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division

DRIVER ASSESSMENT MICHIGAN The privilege to drive is often taken for granted, but you may lose your privilege to drive for many reasons.  The Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment and Appeal Division is responsible for conducting driver reexaminations as authorized by the Michigan Vehicle Code.  The purpose of a reexamination is to determine your ability [...]

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