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If you want to protect your family from the chaos and financial issues that will arise when you die or become disabled, you need to keep on reading. During his 37 years of practicing law, John can recount endless stories regarding the pitfalls, heartache and financial grief that result from handling legal matters for client’s loved ones who left outdated or ill advised estate plans, or worse yet, had no estate planning documents at all.

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John has had frantic clients calling trying to make arrangements for a loved one who had a stroke, only to find they needed to file for guardianship and court oversight for their loved one, only to learn that if the loved one had had the foresight to have a healthcare power of attorney, the court oversight would have been eliminated and the power of attorney would allow a loved one to act on the disabled person’s behalf.

John has handled matters where a loved one had to petition the court to be able to act on a loved one’s behalf concerning financial matters. This could have been avoid if the loved one had the wisdom and foresight to execute a durable power of attorney, the court oversight would be unnecessary as this inexpensive document would allow a trusted individual to act on the disabled person’s behalf without court intervention.

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The most important thing for the vast majority of the clients that John has assisted is the well-being of their children. If you and your spouse were fatally injured in a tragic accident leaving your children to be orphaned, would you and your spouse rather pick who will pick who will raise your children? Or have the decision be left to a judge? Did you know that if you and your wife died without proper estate planning documents, that your children would get their entire inheritance at the age of 18. If you pass away without proper estate planning documents, someone would have to open up a conservatorship on behalf of your minor child(ren). Under the laws of conservatorship, the judge would give the entire inheritance to your child when they turn 18 years old. To prevent the grief and poor financial outcomes that results from not having estate planning documents by making arrangements to have a complete estate planning program that ensures decisions are made regarding your loved ones, that were planned by you and not a judge or relative.

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John Bain, Jr.

Estate Planning Documents

Our Estate Planning Program includes the following documents:


Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions
A Pour-Over Will
A Revocable Trust
Funeral Designation Declaration
These documents will give direction to your survivors and control when and how inheritances are received.
Protect Your Family with an Estate Planning Attorney

Protect Your Family with an Estate Planning Attorney

If you are older and no long have minor children, John can counsel you on how to best protect your assets from your estate being subjected to demands from the government and/or nursing homes for reimbursement of nursing home costs.

Whether you are single, have a young family, or are advancing in years, it is imperative that you take the time to plan for the needs of your loved ones and the distribution of your assets after your death.