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Paternity can be a particularly heated topic for mothers, fathers, and entire families. Determining parentage is an important legal step for many reasons, from paying child support and hospital bills to deciding child custody.

At Bain & Bain, PC, we work with clients to determine paternity through DNA testing, and establish parental rights with the best interests of the child in mind. To find out more, please contact our law office now.

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The “typical American family” is no longer a meaningful term describing a household with a father, mother, 2.5 kids, and a pet. Today, families come in all shapes and sizes, and many children are born outside of marriage. Subsequently, paternity issues have become common, as many fathers wish to establish their parental rights and play a part in their children’s lives.

At Bain & Bain, PC, we work with all parties involved in paternity matters: mothers, fathers, married, unmarried, new spouses and partners, ex-spouses and partners, stepparents, and more.

Determining paternity can be beneficial in the following situations:

  • Holding a father responsible for birth and hospital bills
  • Holding a father responsible for child support payments
  • Establishing paternity in cases where father is not known
  • Terminating parental rights in a stepparent adoption
  • Terminating parental rights for the safety of the children
  • Helping an alleged father protect his rights
  • Helping a father get parenting time

Paternity issues can be emotionally trying for all adults involved. However, when DNA testing establishes or disproves parentage, children are directly affected. As family law attorneys, we aim to protect the interests of each child involved.

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