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Change of custody and change in parenting time issues in Novi and Howell, Michigan

A few years ago changes were made in custody and child support rules in the state of Michigan. In the past there was a cutoff in the number of days used to calculate support which created a lot of fighting regarding parenting time. Under the old rules there were not allowances in support for a [...]

Child Custody Issues In Howell, Novi, Brighton, Milford, Wixom, South Lyon, Livonia, Plymouth, Farmington Hills, Walled Lake, and Commerce

Over the years I have seen people hurt their ability to obtain custody or be awarded substantial parenting time by moving out of the home where the children live without a court ordered agreement regarding custody and parenting time. Quite frequently they fall into the trap by way of their spouse or significant other requesting that they [...]

General Discussion on Property Division in a Michigan Divorce for My Clients in Wayne, Oakland, and Livingston County

  The property division in a divorce in Michigan is based on many factors. Usually when I interview a client I ask my prospective client what he or she owned on the date of the marriage and what they own today. A major factor in the split involves the length of the marriage for reason that [...]

Separate Property v Marital Property as discussed in recent appeals court cases.

  I. Marital vs Separate Property Ayres v Ayres, unpublished opinion per curiam of the Michigan Court of Appeals, decided December 22, 2011 (Docket No. 297989), on appeal from Otsego County Each party owned a piece of real estate at the time of the marriage, but each contributed to the other’s property and they invested in [...]

Personal Protection Orders explained by John Bain an Attorney in Novi and Howell

I receive many calls regarding Personal Protection Orders. Quite frequently those calls come after the order has been issued. If you are seeking a personal protection order you will find that the courts are set up so that it is very easy to file a Petition for a Personal Protection Order on your own behalf. If a [...]

DAN BAIN NOVI LAWYER , PEOPLE V KOON, Court rules it is illeagal to drive with any amount of marujuana in your system.

Appeals court: Michigan medical pot law doesn't protect users who drive By Karen Bouffard Detroit News Lansing Bureau Lansing— A medical marijuana card does not protect users from prosecution for driving with the substance in their bloodstream under Michigan's "zero tolerance" law, the Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled. The appeals panel overruled two lower [...]

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