Child Support and Custody

Michigan Child Custody and Support Lawyer

Who will take care of the children? Where will they live and who will be financially responsible for them? These are some of the core issues of divorcing parents, but they are also important issues for parents who have separated and who are already divorced as well as for those who were never married.

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Michigan Child Support Laws

The law recognizes that children deserve to have the emotional and financial support of both parents, whether or not the parents are married or live together. Michigan child support guidelines use a formula that is based upon the income of both parents and who has physical custody of the child. Other information, such as health care costs being paid by one parent, may also be considered. We have the most recent version of the child support and spousal support calculation software and can tell you over the phone the amount of your child support payments. We also have a thorough understanding of exactly what types of income should — or should not — be included in child support calculations. Child support orders may deviate from the guidelines when information is presented regarding a child’s special needs or other special circumstances.

Michigan Child Custody and Parenting Time

In the vast majority of cases, parents are granted joint legal custody of their children. This arrangement gives parental rights to both parties, so they can be equally involved in decisions about their child’s upbringing, including matters related to education, medical care, and religious affiliation. Parents then need to decide upon a parenting plan that works for them. In some cases, this means joint physical custody — in which the children spend an equal amount of time with both parents. In other cases, one parent has primary physical custody while the other parent has parenting time rights (visitation rights).

We are effective at helping clients negotiate a fair parenting plan and support arrangement. However, if a plan cannot be agreed upon, we are very capable of representing your interests in court.

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