Oakland County, Michigan Custody Issues

When I interview a client with minor children the most important factor in determining the possibility of settlement is the status of custody and parenting time issues.  The further the parties are apart on parenting time and custody the more expensive the cost of the divorce. The best scenario is when both parties agree on what is best for the children and the worst scenario is when one or both of the parents are using the children as pawns. If both parties in agreement than the terms regarding parenting time, custody, and child support are incorporated in the judgment and a separate order known as a uniform support order is entered with the court and forwarded to MISDU for enforcement. MISDU is a state agency in charge of collecting support.

In Oakland County Michigan the Friend of the Court has a staff that handles various issues. Each Judge has a referee that makes some of the decisions involving support, custody and parenting time. Each judge also has at least one Family Counselor who makes recommendations regarding custody and parenting time. It is important that the client is well prepared when meeting with a referee or counselor. If you ever have a question regarding your case call me at the office or on my cell phone 248.672.6112.