Preparing for a divorce?

Over the years I have spoke with many people who are thinking of getting divorced and are unable to document what has happened in the past year. Quite often they have a general idea but they cannot be specific. I have found that it is best to get make a calendar with enough notes to jog a person’s memory as to what happened. This is most important in matters regarding the children. I have found that quite frequently spouses make claims regarding their efforts on taking care of the children which are not true when they are facing a divorce. Without documentation lawyers are faced with a “he said she said situation.” It is easier to defend these sort of claims if one has a calendar with dates, times, events, and the whereabouts of the spouse who is not present. Sometimes after a divorce is filed or a divorce seems likely a parent changes there habits drastically to try to gain an advantage in custody or parenting time issues. A calendar with this information helps combat these sort of claims. If you need help on a divorce or custody issue call. It is better to talk to an attorney and know what your rights are even if you think that you might not file. It is better to be prepared if things take a turn for the worse. I have over 25 years of experience handling family law cases and have handled cases in many counties including Wayne County, Oakland County, and Livingston County. I have offices in Novi and Howell.